Anti-plagiarism policy

Amazonia Investiga anti-plagiarism policy

At Amazonia Investiga, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and research excellence. We understand the critical importance of originality in academic contribution and, accordingly, take a rigorous stance against plagiarism and any form of academic misconduct. To reinforce this commitment, we have implemented the following anti-plagiarism policy, which sets out our commitments and expectations for our contributors:

Definition of plagiarism

Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of the works, ideas, words, images, or creations of others as one's own, without proper acknowledgment or citation. This includes, but is not limited to, direct copying, paraphrasing without proper citation, and the use of ideas without attributing the corresponding credit.

Prevention and detection

To prevent and detect plagiarism, Amazonia Investiga has acquired the services of Crossref and Turnitin's Similarity Check software. Each manuscript undergoes a similarity check through Turnitin Similarity Check software, which includes a detailed analysis of references. This process ensures the originality of all manuscripts and guarantees compliance with high standards of originality and reliability in the published articles. By addressing references in our reports, we ensure the detection not only of direct plagiarism but also of inappropriate citation practices, including the use of invented quotations or unverifiable sources, especially relevant in the digital age and with texts generated by artificial intelligence. Amazonia Investiga is a member of Crossref, reaffirming our commitment to integrity and transparency in academic publishing.


Commitment to originality

We require all authors to take direct responsibility for the originality of their work. They are expected to cite all sources used in the creation of their manuscript properly and to obtain the necessary permissions for any copyright-protected material included in their work.

Procedure in the event of detected plagiarism

If plagiarism is detected in a manuscript during the review process, Amazonia Investiga will take measures proportional to the severity of the case. These measures may include: requesting significant corrections from the author due to citation issues, rejecting the manuscript, or in cases of serious breaches of publication ethics, a temporary or permanent ban on publishing in our journal for the involved authors. The early detection of plagiarism issues reinforces our commitment to the integrity of research and academic literature, protecting both authors and the wider scientific community from the repercussions of plagiarism.

Education and training

We actively promote education on publication ethics and anti-plagiarism among our contributors and reviewers. Through workshops and educational materials, we seek to cultivate an informed and ethically responsible academic community.

Our anti-plagiarism policy, including careful consideration of references, is fundamental to this commitment, ensuring that we maintain the trust of our academic community and our readers in the originality and reliability of our published articles.