Retraction Policy

Retraction Policy for Published Articles

The integrity of research is fundamental to our journal. In cases where it is discovered that a published article engages in academic misconduct, such as plagiarism, data falsification, duplicate publication, or serious scientific inaccuracies, our retraction policy will be applied.

Purpose and Scope of the Policy Amazonia Investiga is committed to the integrity and accuracy of the academic record. Our retraction policy aims to address significant concerns with published articles, such as significant errors, ethical violations, and proven cases of misconduct such as plagiarism or fraudulent data.

Retraction Process

Preliminary Investigation: Upon receiving an allegation of misconduct, we will conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if the accusation has sufficient merit for a formal inquiry.

Formal Investigation: If warranted, a formal investigation will be conducted with an editorial ethics committee or an independent panel of experts.

Communication with Authors: The authors of the article will be informed of the allegations and will have the opportunity to respond and provide their own evidence or explanations.

Determination and Action: If the investigation concludes that misconduct has occurred, the article will be retracted. The decision will be communicated to the authors, reviewers, and readers transparently.

Publication of the Retraction Notice

The retraction notice will include the reason for the retraction and will be clearly identifiable to readers and index databases. The original article will remain accessible but will be clearly marked as retracted and include the retraction notice.

We will use the Crossmark service provided by Crossref to update the metadata of the retracted article, clearly indicating the retraction. This ensures that the retraction is visible to readers and indexing systems.

Journal Responsibilities Amazonia Investiga commits to:

  • Keep the retracted article online, clearly marked with a retraction notice to preserve the integrity of the academic record.
  • Ensure that the retraction notice is freely available to all readers.
  • Update the article metadata in all indexing databases to reflect the retraction.
  • Use the Crossmark service to inform readers and the scholarly community about the change in status of the publication.

Author Responsibility Authors of retracted articles are expected to cooperate with the retraction process and provide any necessary information requested by the journal during the investigation.


Authors may appeal the retraction decision if they believe an error has been made. Appeals must be substantiated and will be considered by an independent panel.

This policy applies to all articles published by our journal and aims to protect the integrity of research and the academic record.