Policy on Ethics and Good Practices

Policy on Ethics and Good Practices in Publishing for Amazonia Investiga

Ethical Commitment

Amazonia Investiga is dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards throughout the publishing process and to preventing any kind of editorial misconduct. As such, the journal adheres to the publishing ethics guidelines established by leading organizations such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Author Responsibility

Authors must ensure the originality of their work and must refrain from submitting manuscripts that have been previously published or are under consideration by another journal. All authors are expected to cite sources appropriately and obtain the necessary permissions when using material from other sources. [See Author Guidelines]

Plagiarism Detection

 All received manuscripts undergo a similarity review using tools such as Turnitin to ensure the content's originality. Manuscripts failing this review will be returned to the authors for correction or rejected. [Anti-plagiarism policy]

 Peer Review Process

Peer review is conducted anonymously and fairly. Reviewers play a crucial role and must evaluate manuscripts objectively and confidentially, providing constructive criticism to enhance the quality of the submitted work. [Evaluation Process]

Conflict of Interest

It is imperative that all participants in the publishing process, including authors, editors, and reviewers, declare any potential conflicts of interest to maintain transparency and fairness in the manuscript evaluation and publication.

Corrections and Retractions

Should a significant error or misconduct be identified post-publication of an article, "Amazonia Investiga" will take necessary actions to correct or retract the article promptly and clearly. [Retraction Policy]

Complaints and Appeals

Any complaints or appeals regarding the editorial process will be taken seriously. Amazonia Investiga commits to providing a fair and timely resolution.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The journal ensures the confidentiality of the personal data of authors, reviewers, and any other participants in the editorial process. Information will only be used for the purposes established by the journal and will not be shared with third parties. [Privacy Statement]

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Amazonia Investiga is dedicated to continuously improving its editorial policies and practices in response to the scientific community's needs and updates in ethical publishing regulations.

Adherence to this ethics policy is essential to ensure that Amazonia Investiga continues to be a benchmark of quality and integrity in academic publishing.